Top 4 Reasons to Go for Wedding Dress Designers

For soon-to-be-married brides and grooms, making their special day memorable is probably one of the trickiest tasks that they have to do. There are so many aspects to consider from food, guest list, decorations and venue to make the wedding day special. But out of all these aspects, the wedding dress is undoubtedly the most important of all. In a few years, the taste of the food, the decorations and the size of the venue will fade away, but what will remain for decades to come are pictures of you wearing that beautiful wedding dress. Precisely for this reason, most couples these days hire a bespoke wedding dress designer in Melbourne. These professionals are highly trained and have the capability to design a wedding dress for you that will undoubtedly turn heads.

Wedding Dress Designer Melbourne

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a bespoke wedding designer:-

• Designers express you: It’s extremely unusual to find brides who want to look exactly the same as other brides (unless of course, they are emulating a famous personality). Using the services of bespoke wedding designer will ensure that the dress you wear on your wedding will be a final product of your expression; not someone else’s.

• Direct link to the creative: Of you have already looked at wedding dresses off the rack, you will notice that it’s almost appropriate for you but not quite. This is because more often than not you will find that something is lacking or there is too much of one element which might not be your requirement. In case you are hiring a designer, all these things will be catered to at the early stages of the process. These things are usually reflected in the fitting and adjustment sessions before the completion of your dress. This way, you will never have to think about your wedding dress as something which is almost right but not quite.

• Assessing your personality: More often than not, to-be-brides are clueless as to what they want. Sure, looking at magazines, portfolios and pictures is essential, but at the end of the day, your style and personality need to reflect on the final design. Experienced professional designers can help you develop your aspirations and what you would like to reflect on not only your dress but also the bridesmaids.

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• Reflecting change: Another thing which is not at all unusual to find are brides who, over time changes their mind about the final look of their wedding gowns in Melbourne. It can also happen that body weight, and shape also might vary from the time of discussing the design of the wedding dress to a few days before the wedding. In such situations, it’s imperative to have a close relationship with the designer so that they can react to those changes promptly and ensure that the dress fits you perfectly.

So it’s quite evident that the importance of a wedding dress designers is huge these days so much so that the experienced ones gets booked months in advance. If you want to hire these professionals, you need to buckle up and starting researching about some of the best designers in your area.


Reasons Why Lace Wedding Dress Is So Popular Among All

Kate Middleton’s gorgeous wedding dress has reminded the world of the vintage wedding dresses that are timeless classics. Lace wedding dress is an all time favourite for brides, royal or otherwise. Imagine yourself in an exquisite lace gown, walking the aisle with a beautiful train flowing behind you and the elegant white veil accentuating your perfect hair. Doesn’t it seem like a dream come true? Frankly speaking, these vintage lace wedding dresses are truly timeless classics that are in vogue even today. This is something that is highly coveted by most women for their big day.

Lace Wedding Dress is an all Time Favourite for Brides

There are various reasons that will tell you why a lace wedding dress stands out from the rest and is truly timeless. The lace consists of the little see-through fabric which is incredibly gorgeous. In one word, lace represents elegance, and it is the right combination of style and sensuality. This is a killing combo that conjures the images of romanticism in people’s mind. This, in turn, makes the beautiful bride look even more irresistible.
• A Design that Attracts the Eyes – The first thing that makes lace wedding dresses stand out among many is the way it is designed. This marvellously crafted dress is a combination of extended lengths and added laces which look striking and plays a primary role in making the bride look perfect and flawless.
• A Look like Never Before – A lace wedding dress helps in providing a unique classy look to the bride that can hardly be achieved by anything else. The intricate and subtle details of this dress are capable of enhancing the looks of the bride to the maximum level possible. This also gives new dimensions to her and makes her look like a princess who has just emerged out of the book of fairy tales.

A Classy Look at Reasonable Rates

• Spoilt for Options – This is another reason why the top-notch wedding dress designer in Melbourne always prefers the lace bridal dresses for their clients. You can customise them according to your will, and they won’t let you down. You can choose a V look or a round neck, but no matter what the style is no one will be able to take his eyes off when you put this one on. It is, for this reason, that irrespective of the times and trends the lace has remained an all-time favourite for most.
• A Classy Look at Reasonable Rates – The icing on the cake is the mere fact that the lace bridal wear is the right combination of sophistication and glamour and you don’t have to make a dent in your pocket in order to purchase a dress like that. So this way you are able to have the cake and eat it too.
Thus, if you want to highlight your traditional and feminine side, this is the ideal dress for you. On the other hand, those who want to go modern, the lace dresses can be designed uniquely and can endow them with the modern look too.
The above reasons will provide you with a fair idea about why lace wedding dresses are of such popularity. You should pair them up with the apt jewellery like the white pearls, and this will help you achieve the perfect look that you have always dreamt of on your big day.